Yoga, meditation and wellness studio for youngsters. The building was once a veranda and has been given a second life.  The existing poles of the facade limited the places where dividing walls could be placed. It made the corridor and massage space too small. To solve the issue I angled the last part of the wall. It has the added bonus of making the practise space seem bigger than it is because the glass facade is wider than the space itself. This plus the four roof lights make the room bathe in light in every season, with a nice semi-transparent leaf cover in the spring and summer. A large part of the glass wall can slide open to the spacious garden.  Yoga is meditation in movement. The roof structure is inspired by the spine’s movement of the human body in yoga postures. The spine continues into the pillar of an altar. The distance between the ribs becomes exponentially wider towards the middle until the pattern looks like rice paper. The fireplace and floor heating makes it very pleasant to practice yoga on the beautiful bamboo floor. The floor is laid in a 45 degree angle to make the rectangular space feel larger.  Finally, the walls are plastered with 5 cm thick earth plaster which regulates the humidity for a pleasant interior climate.